About Natalie Chocolates

We have been supplying luxury Continental Chocolates to the UK’s leading retailers for over twenty years. Now our delicious Belgian chocolates are available for you to order direct from us online in wholesale quantities at unbeatable prices. All of our continental chocolates are made by traditional chocolatiers in Belgium. Our truffles are made with Callebaut chocolate in the UK by award winning Swiss chocolatiers. We never compromise on quality and our reputation has been built by importing only the very best pralines and truffles that we can source. Each flavour is bulk packed in one kilo boxes. You can order as little or as much as you like. If you are a retail shop or a hotel or restaurant we are very confident that you will find our range of loose chocolates and truffles high in quality and low in price! For all of your corporate needs, special events or special occasions you will find that our chocolate range offers you the very best in both quality and value that money can buy.

We are proud of our high standards in production and quality control. Natalie Chocolates holds a Grade A Global Standard For Food Safety awarded by the British Retail Consortium. Production is based in our freehold site in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Our production area comprises a clean room with approximately 20 staff per shift, 2 production supervisors and warehouse support. All key staff have received training in principles of food safety and quality assurance. Our production staff receive training in basic hygiene and food safety. All production and all research and development work is carried out inhouse thus ensuring a consistently high standard of quality controls and competitive pricing.

Our chocolates should be stored at a temperature of 13 – 18 degrees centigrade. They should be stored cool and dry!! Do not store them in the fridge. Dampness or condensation will cause our chocolates to bloom the sugar in the surface of the chocolate crystallizes and causes a ‘blooming’ effect. This does not affect the taste but does not look nice. Good chocolate tastes best when fresh! Our chocolates do not like sudden changes of temperature – so if they have been allowed to get a little too warm or too cold try to change the temperature gradually. Although the optimum temperature for storage is 13 – 18 degrees centigrade in our opinion they taste best when a little warmer, so try moving them to a slightly warmer temperature for an hour or so before serving. We always recommend that you order little and often. The shelflife of some of our chocolates is as long as six months but only if they are stored in optimum conditions. Any questions please ask.